My Story

Art Is.

Andre is an internationally acclaimed artist who has lived and worked in both Italy and Ireland. Andre began developing his drawing skills as a child.

Having Graduated in 2005 from L' Accademia Delle Belle Arti Universityin Torino, Italy.

Andre worked for some of the leading Italian and French Cartoon Companies.
He is currently working as a freelance graphic designer and digital Illustrator for  USA, Australia , South Korea and Europe. He has never abandoned traditional illustration and painting techniques. Art has always been a passion to him.


"Games and dreams are a fundamental part of my life and I wanted to bring these elements into my artistic experiments by creating works which go beyond time, and where the subconscious takes the form of imaginary creatures which recontextualise the meaning of these masterpieces of the pictorial tradition. Using digital painting,

I wanted to bear witness to the contemporary artistic methods available, and

to blend them with the unreachable pictorial techniques of the masters of the past."